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D.M. Dennis & Associates Inc. are specialists in Injury Management and Cost Containment Practices withover 30 years of WCB Consulting experience.

Worker’s Compensation claims costs are unavoidable and have affected the profitability of many companies. Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board introduced a Poor Performance charge several years ago to increase the maximum surcharge in the Regular Pricing Program to a potential of 240% and for the ICP Program up to 260%.

A comprehensive program to reduce WCB claims costs can show dramatic results in premium savings when implemented properly and monitored tenaciously.

Whether you choose our Current or Retroactive Recovery Services or request our assistance on any individual contentious claims, we can advocate on your firms behalf to review the circumstances of the claims within the context of the Board Policies. We would then execute written submissions to have costs removed or transferred, and appeal where appropriate.

Significant premium savings can and have been secured both in effective Claims Cost Management and Historical Recovery Services.


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